Free Technical Advice

We offer free technical advice to customers on the following topics:

PC Crashing or Freezing

Faulty Software

Virus or Spyware Problems

Internet Problems

Retrieval of Lost Data

Password Recovery

Upgrading Hardware on PC and Laptops

Laptop Screen Replacement

PC not Booting or Blue Screen (Blue Screen of Death)

Training in Computer Use

Setting Up a Network

computer repair


Get in-touch with one of our friendly staff for free advice

Other Services we offer

Laptop Exchange

Bring in your used laptop or tablet, doesn't matter if it works or not, you can either take cash or trade it for another in-store refurbished laptop.

Computer Sales

We constantly have a good amount of refurbished computers, tablets and laptops in stock.

Mobile & Tablet Repair

If you think your phone or tablet has a fault, we can repair both hardware and software problems

Laptop Repair

Whatever the fault with your computer or laptop – software, hardware, a virus, spyware or malware – we offer to repair it

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